Energise your events and #hashtag campaigns with a captivating social media display.

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Organise and display social feeds on your website, in your office, or anywhere

How it works

  • Strea.ma combines updates from your favourite social networks

    You add hashtags and handles to create your stream


Strea.ma is a new way to bring your audience’s social media conversations and images into one place.

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If you’re an innovative event organiser, brand manager, or marketing professional, Strea.ma will:

  • incentivise your audience to promote your brand on social media
  • make your events more interactive and fun
  • show the world what your audience is saying about your brand

Strea.ma is a cloud-based web application with a beautiful display that unfolds in real time, at your event and around the world on your website. There are three plans to choose from, to suit the needs and budget of every customer.

Recent Updates

There are a million ways to use Strea.ma. Here are some example streams from our community of users, as well as recent news.

Video: Project16 at AUT

Project16 is a leading thought leadership event. Watch the video of Strea.ma at the conference.

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At the Melbourne Cup

“With a concept so consistent with the theme of our marquee, we couldn’t go past Strea.ma! Guests & celebs loved seeing the posts on the big screen.”

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US Presidential election


The big day has been and gone! So what happens now? Follow the post-election buzz in real time.

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Cricket South Africa

Cricket South Africa recently used Strea.ma for the ICC World Twenty20 cricket championships in India.

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Strea.ma supports Instagram hashtags

Instagram-v051916Your Strea.ma account can tap into a global social network that has 400 million users, 90% of whom are younger than 35.

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