Xero is a global small-business accounting software company with more than 600,000 customers. Social media and thought leadership play a key role in Xero’s marketing and communications to customers, partners, and investors, and the Xerocon events are the highlight of the year in each of Xero’s major country markets.

The company has used Strea.ma at its Xerocon series of conferences in Auckland, San Francisco, Denver, Sydney, Melbourne, and London. Each event attracted between 400 and 1000 attendees and Strea.ma was a focal point both inside and outside the event.

“Last week we used Strea.ma for Xerocon, Xero’s annual NZ Partner conference with over 800 attendees in person and thousands of partners and customers all over the world watching the event with social media. Strea.ma provided a live stream of social updates from the conference attendees and those watching in. It was a revolution in participation by people inside and outside of our event. Once you’ve seen Strea.ma you couldn’t imagine a conference without it.”– Rod Drury, founder and CEO of Xero

“I have to say Strea.ma’s a great thing to have at a conference. People were tweeting, especially pictures, just to see themselves on telly! Even stuff like “Hi Mum #xerocon”. And people would crowd around the screens we had up in the common areas to watch the stream change and update.”– Catherine Walker, Community Manager, Xero